Lenovo M75q-2 Magic modification ~ to make the graphics board external~



The M75q-2 is a very cost-effective and excellent PC with Ryzen APU, but as a person who uses CPU + graphics card, I still feel that the performance is not enough.

I want to add a graphics card.

Nevertheless, a PCIe slot OR Thunderbolt is usually required to attach a graphics card externally.
Unfortunately, the M75q-2 is a Ryzen APU model, so it doesn't have a PCIe slot (it's an APU, so you don't need one), and it doesn't have a Thunderbolt port either, after all, it's a super-costly PC.

So what to do?

Using the M.2 slot

M.2 slots are compatible with PCIe.
Well, M.2 can be converted to PCIe.

So I bought a Pci-e 3.0 riser card M.2.

How long will it take to reach us from China?

I chose the cheapest shipping cost, which is as follows.
Ordered on 1/26, arrived on 2/16. The pattern was China -> Taiwan -> Japan.

Worst shipping schedule over Chinese New Year

Feb 16 2021, 12:47 pm, n/a, Delivered
Feb 16 2021, 03:07 am, n/a, Arrived
Feb 15 2021, 01:00 am, n/a, Shipped from International Exchange
Feb 14 2021, 09:00 am, n/a, Cleared Customs
Feb 13 2021, 10:45 pm, n/a, Arrival at International Exchange
Feb 09 2021, 08:41 am, n/a, Outbound from International Exchange
Jan 30 2021, 05:07 am, n/a, Processing information input
Jan 30 2021, 03:01 am, n/a, Yanwen Pickup scan

So, this allows a PCIe connection from an M.2 slot. Note that the connection is not PCIe x16, but x4. However, I don't think people who care about that would do such a crazy modification…


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