Let's build our own PC.

I was originally a Mac user, but I built my own PC once when I was a university student.

After that, when I became a working adult, I used a Mac as a base and occasionally bought a Windows notebook, but in these days of the Corona disaster, my time at home has increased dramatically and I decided to “give video editing a try.”

The time had come for AMD.

AMD Ryzen

Although I love Intel, AMD is currently the most cost-effective choice, so I often build my own products with Ryzen.

I'm getting used to it, so I made a video explaining it.

When it comes to making an instructional video, there is a lot of pressure.

I want to tell you as much as possible so that you don't make mistakes, so that's why we review various things.

In the video (1), there is a “Mistake Hunt Corner,” which is actually based on my own experience of making a mistake.


AMD Ryzen 3 3100

Zotac GeFORCE 1660 Super


The configuration is well-balanced.

As I tend to want to build high-end PCs, I can't deny the feeling that it is not enough, but I actually enjoyed building it with a relaxed mind. I was able to enjoy building it with a relaxed mind. Perhaps it is because we unconsciously think, “I have to make the best use of the performance of these parts.

The biggest pressure this time was the “back wiring.

To tell you the truth, I don't wire my PCs with that much enthusiasm.

I reassemble and disassemble them anyway, so the wiring changes frequently, so I don't even keep it that clean (that's my excuse). But I couldn't let them see me like that (laugh), so I dressed up a little like I was going out.

I hope this helps.

However, I just started building my own PC again last year, so I have not yet caught up with the latest technology and trends.

I hope this blog will be useful for everyone, but I also need to be diligent myself. I also hope that this blog will be able to tell you what I couldn't tell you in the video and behind-the-scenes stories, so I'll try to write about them without being too formal.

I look forward to working with you!

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